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Invest with Dahan Enterprises LLC.

Partnerships that last.

When you trust your investment with us, you not only become a real estate investor, you become our partner. A partner with a name and a face. A partner who can pick up the phone and connect with a live person to get the information and answers you need, when you need them. A partnership for the long term, where we take the time to get to know you and understand your financial goals.

Our investment process.

It takes vision to create great real estate investments. And visionary thinking has been Dahan Enterprises trademark for more than 13 years. It’s through this thinking we find markets on the verge of upswings and properties with repositioning potential to deliver great returns to our investors.

Our dedicated team of industry experts continuously examines the marketplace with one goal in mind: to identify key target areas that show promise to perform at exceptional levels while meeting the company’s goals. We take a number of variables into account when researching different markets with the most critical, of course, being location. Here’s how our process works:

  1. We identify our target markets then hit the ground running. We develop a team of local experts to help find and acquire top-notch assets. And, working with local area brokers, management companies, and economists, we scour each market for opportunities in both existing multifamily assets and undeveloped land.
  2. Once we identify an attractive property asset, our professional due diligence and financial analyst teams take over. We evaluate every aspect of the property’s existing and potential operations. This includes comprehensive detailed evaluations of financials and rent rolls, analysis of sub-market trends in rental rates and occupancies, and physical inspections of the asset.
  3. We develop a working management plan analyzing revenue potential for the asset while considering the optimal timing for future refinance or disposition opportunities. Then, if we like what we see, we issue a non-binding letter of intent to purchase the property.
  4. Once the non-binding letter of intent is accepted, we begin our in-depth due diligence process with our in-house experts while the purchase and sale contract is being negotiated. We walk each unit and examine every ‘nook and cranny’ to identify any potential maintenance issues. We audit every renter file to match up the information on record with the rent roll and financials. And, we acquire bids on any capital work that might be required.
  5. If needed, we will use the information gathered during the due diligence process to confirm our business plan and make sure that our original assumptions still hold true. Our investors’ interests are always at the forefront of our minds. And, if the deal doesn’t work, we walk away.
  6. If we are confident that our offer will deliver the value, we move forward to secure financing and completing the acquisition of the asset.
  7. Then we take possession of the property and execute our management plan to add value by drawing on our decades of property management experience to maximize the potential returns to our investment partners.


 Below are the criteria for investing:


  • You are a sophisticated investor who has business and financial experience either solely or with a personal purchaser representative to evaluate the merits and risks of an MC Companies investment opportunity.
  • You have the business and financial experience either solely or with a personal purchaser representative to protect your interests in the transaction.
  • You have the financial ability to bear the risk of losing your investment.
  • You have adequate financial means of providing for your current needs and have no need for liquidity in your investment with MC Companies.
  • Your overall commitment to non-liquid investments is not excessive given your other available assets.
  • You have substantial experience in making investment decisions of this type or you have an expert that can assist you with this type of investment decision.
  • You are an accredited investor.


Some states may impose suitability standards in addition to the criteria listed above. And you may be required to represent that you meet such suitability standards.

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